Best Places In New York If You Are Looking For Art

Like everything else in New York, the creativity also keep developing. It is edgy yet fun, but if you are fond of classics, worry not, there is something for everyone in New York. Once upon a time, Upper East Side, Harlem, and Long Island City were the go-to places for artists. However, with time, new artistic enclaves have emerged. What are they? Keep reading to know more.


Red Hook

First of all, this place deserves a visit just for the view it holds. A backdrop of warehouses, shipyards, and not to forget the Statue of Liberty, Red Hook already lies in an artsy place.

Pioneer Works is a centre for research and experimentation in contemporary culture. It was founded by an artist himself called Dustin Yellin in 2012. Yellin, who is a high school dropout came to New York with dreams and aspirations of becoming an artist, without grasping the city’s ties with art. In this 25,000-square-foot space, you will come across art studios, area to perform, exhibitions, science lab, a recording studio and more. It is a wondrous community to encourage and support artists.

But, if you looking to appreciate and soak in the beauty of art then Kentler International Drawing Space is perfect for you. Its inception took place in the year 1990 and since then, it hosts exhibitions representing the new and emerging artists, who are under-recognized.

Navy Yard

Just like Red Hook, Navy Yard is also a waterfront space. With rustic and refurbished warehouses, old shipyards, this place is picture perfect. One of the places you must visit is the Marco Sea’s New Lab. It is designed to provoke inspiration. A humungous space, there are almost 300 engineers and entrepreneurs trying their hand at advanced robotics and hardware. If you want to work here, there is an application procedure mind you. However, there are public events and meetups that take place in this majestic space for you to enjoy its glory. Also, the centre has a visiting artist program. What is it, you ask? Here, space is provided for artists who want to work on any medium of their choice.

Sunset Park

In the recent times, Sunset Park is gaining a lot of attention where creativity is concerned. Industry City is a creative enclave in this community. With more than 400 companies, Industry City also has an innovative Lab.

Digital: SisLovesMe


SisLovesMe – still porn or digital porn art already? Step sisters and step brothers having fantasy sex.

Besides all these beautiful places mentioned above we would like to promote something digital – the project of SisLovesMe. We should say first that it’s adults only and it features taboo genre. What would you say to find out that step siblings are having a sexual affair. They are living under a single roof and it was a matter of time before step brother starts hitting on his hot step sister. This is what we could call a modern porn art!

Buying Art In New York

If you are looking to buy affordable art in New York, there are several unique establishments, which will help you achieve this task, without burning a hole in your pocket. Some of the most popular places include;

  • Gagosian Shop on 976 Madison Avenue – You will find stuff from various artists that include posters, apparel, books, and more.
  • Whisper Editions on 8 Fluton Street – Here, you will come across artsy objects, prints, photographs, and more.
  • Object_ify 139 – It is a funky space where you will come across books, wearables, sculptures, and fine art by local artists.