Top 10 Art Galleries In New York That Will Leave You Mesmerized

Whether you are an art collector or not going to see some of the finest artwork in the world is always a great plan. In New York City there are so many choices that you can get lost in them.

Don´t be mesmerized by the options, only by their paintings and sculptures.

This is the list of the ten must-go art galleries in NYC.

Detention Girls

Detention Girls - Punishment SeriesThis is the newest debut on the cyber scene. Detention Girls is adults-only project focusing on females and their bad attitude these days. These misbehaving girls are about to get a harsh lesson of manners and they don’t expect it will be the one to remember for entire life. Being a production of Nubiles you can be sure that Detention Girls is a true punishment series.

Hauser & Wirth New York

New York is just a branch of this prestigious art gallery with presence all over the world.

New York is just a branch of this prestigious art gallery with presence all over the world. You can concur to the one on 22nd street in Chelsea and to the one on the Upper East Side, they are both wonderful.

You can see major names in modern art like Martin Creed, Louise Bourgeois and Roni Horn.

Anton Kern Gallery

The art of young artists that are in the midst of their careers floods this art gallery and it is very interesting to see what is coming next in the art world.

The new place Kern chose for the gallery is a huge house in Midtown East with five stories.

If you want to see the future, this is a must.

Neue Gallery New York

The building itself is a work of art.

If you are into late 19th century Austrian and German arts and decorative arts, this is your place. This gallery and museum hold the biggest collection of Gustav Klimt´s work.

The building itself is a work of art. It was constructed by the same architects who did the New York Public Library.

The Frick Collection

This is a private collection of some of the great Master of Art starting on the 14th century and going all the way to the 19th.

This is another work of art in form of a house that is amazingly beautiful and luxurious. Do the names Rembrandt, Renoir and Vermeer ring a bell?

Gagosian Gallery

This 20,000 square feet building can give you all you need to see and then some.

Larry Gagosian is arguably the master of the art world when it comes to galleries with 15 spaces in different places of the world. This 20,000 square feet building can give you all you need to see and then some.

David Zwirner

This is another well-known gallery man born in Germany and residing in NYC for the last 25+ years. He has several spaces and besides the showings of his own artists he sometimes displays some classics.


If you are interested in what comes next in the art world, you have to go to this Belgium-based art gallery branch in NYC. They focus in displaying the work of young, breakthrough international artists.

47 Canal

When galleries are run by artists, the perspective of cutting-edge positioning is changed absolutely.

Margaret Lee and Oliver Newton, her boyfriend now manage the works of artists such as Antoine Catala, Anicka Yi and Trevor Shimizu.


Jasmin Tsou is an inspiring story. She focused her work on under-appreciated artists and upcoming ones and did such a good job on promoting them that forgotten gems have become the diamonds of the current scene.

Michael Werner

This legendary art dealer came to NYC from Germany to open up his first gallery in 1990 and it just kept on growing since then.

He manages the work of some of the biggest artists of our time. His gallery is a must-go.


The only business niche in which you can go looking with your pockets empty and not feel bad about it is in art galleries. These hallways have some of the best modern art work in the world today. Feel free to walk, watch and ask and if you have the money, invest.