2018 Art Exhibition In New York And What To Expect

New York City is one of the most artistic cities in the world with multiple museums, art galleries as well as street spaces where the ingenuity and creative expressions are made year in year out. Here is an outline of what one can expect in 2018 as well as upcoming events inspired by great art work.

Shoplyfter Exhibition Debut

Shoplyfter - Debut in NYAppreciation for fine and quality adult entertainment has come to exhibitions in New York. Finally, can we say?! The first series to get worldwide recognition in the city is Shoplyfter. The theme of this website is really plain – it features females that got caught stealing from retail shops. They won’t be given to police. They are going to get a personal and up-close interrogation with officers that seek to punish them, sexually. Visit here.

ADDA The Art Show

This event is set to start on February 28th up to March 4th of 2018. The organizer of this grand event is the Art Dealers Association of America and is to be held at the Park Avenue Armory to commemorate the 30th edition of the show. From the set dates this will the longest Art exhibition show to be cast during the Armory week. You can expect an art show derived from 85 galleries assorted from 35 countries from 72 approved art dealers from the given countries basing their work on a 19th century theme. The tickets will be charged at 25 dollars daily fee and will be located at 643 Park Avenue at the 67th street in New York City.

Clio Art Fair

This event is to run from 8th of March to 11th of the same month this year. This event is popularly referred to as the anti-fair because of its intimate nature where the showcases are largely based on the artists showcasing themselves. The event promises a VIP reception to the art lovers as the event organizes its fifth edition since its inception. Another twist in this event is that it is uncurated hence one can expect a few surprises which all amplify the artistic experience. The fair will not cost you anything and is open from noon on the event days. The art fair will be on the 335 west right on the 35th street of New York City.

Collective Design

This event will be held from 9th March to 11th of the same month. This will be held at the Skylight Clarkson North and it will mark the sixth edition of the event since its first exhibition. The physical address of the event is 572 Washington Street. The theme for this event will be based on great works of the 20th and the 21st century but will also feature art work developed by modern day designers. Big names will feature in this year’s events such as Wexler, Peter Blake, and Fort Gansevoort among many other contemporary artists. A complimentary tour will be offered for all individuals who will need an orientation on the showcase.