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New York is also referred to as the home of music and art. The region is home to some of the best art, culture and historical collections. The region of New York cannot be only termed as a state rather it is an entire world filled with uniqueness pertaining to beauty, art and inspiration. The streets of New York are jam packed with uncountable art galleries which can make any art lover mesmerized and astonished. You will find all kind of art in New York which can be both traditional as well as contemporary.  The artwork is mostly related to paintings, glass, types of visual art, fine art, sculpture and vintage art posters.

The place which is ranked high in terms of art work is Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. The Gavin Brown’s Enterprise is a museum which is popular due to its attractive and challenging art collections. The Museum contains the famous Miguel Abreu Gallery where you can enjoy some of the most astonishing stellar shows. Some of the most noble art works that are currently being displayed in the museum are still-life photographs of Eileen Quinlan’s black-and-white, shadow typography and Blake Rayne’s Folder.

Another place ideal for an art lover like you is the Sue Scott Gallery. The gallery is known for its introduction of popular artists like Tom McGrath famous for his landscape painting. The famous video artist Elizabeth Subrinwas also introduced by the gallery. Another gallery which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years is that of Spanierman Gallery. The Gallery is known for its hosting of exhibitions and art shows. The gallery has been highly appreciated by the masses due to its scholarship programs and promotion of American Art research.

If you are looking for exceptional art collections made by popular western artists such as Monet, Whistler, Renoir, Constable, Manet, Goya and Rembrandt then the Museum of Frick Collection is a must visit for you.  The Museum is also known for its collection of sculptures, period furniture, Italian bronzes and French Porcelains.

Some other New York Museums known for their glorious art collections are:Caldwell Snyder Art Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, American Folk Art Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Westwood Galle, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, Lower East Side, Blackston, Adamo Gallery, Aicon Gallery, Deitch Projects, Eleven Rivington, Collette Blanchard Gallery, Diane Villani Editions, Rachel Uffner Gallery, Miguel Abreu Gallery, Margarete Roeder Gallery, Heller Gallery, Brooke Alexander Gallery, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, The Old Print Shop, Pennington Gallery, Harris Lieberman, Simon Preston Gallery, Morrison Hotel Gallery, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, OK Harris, Moeller Snow Gallery, Martin Lawrence, SperoneWestwater,Renwick Gallery and Peter Blum Gallery.

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